Youth in Science and Business Foundation


Focus areas of YSBF

We devote our energy on innovative & creative projects and dissemination.

YSBF's activities have been in the field of policy development, information technologies, young people and dissemination of novel developments in science & business.

Dissemination of scientific and business innovation

Information on science and business innovation does not find its way to potential users and partners without informed and co-ordinated effort. Well thought-out dissemination and promotion of an idea/innovation is a key element determining the success or failure of a novel idea or of an EU-project.

YSBF is co-ordinating European Network of Science Websites (ENSW), an initiative aimed at facilitating co-operation between science websites in Europe and at creating an avenue to promote science and business innovation in Europe.

YSBF has been managing dissemination work package in FP7 project YOSCIWEB (Young People and Science Websites), which aimed to identify most adequate ways of promoting achievements of science on internet.

We would be happy to discuss how we could contribute to dissemination activities of your upcoming projects.

Promotion of creativity and innovative thinking

New discoveries and alternative ways of approaching existing challenges are important in making our world a better place. All of us are creative and innovative beings - we must be brave to unleash our creative capabilities to come up with novel ideas and solutions.

YSBF has been conducting activities promoting creativity and innovation - for example  creativity olympiade Innopia. We are frequently speaking to various audiences about creativity and conducting seminars on idea creation and development. We have been engaged in promoting creative ideas and new products to potential co-operation partners in Europe and beyond. Exploitation and use of innovative technologies and creative ideas can lead to increased efficiency and bring competitive advantage.

Conducting IT-related research and development projects

The role of IT has become more central in our societies. YSBF has been involved in several IT-related projects as software or internet-solution developer. Founders of YSBF have international marketing and IT backgrounds. We have been leading more than a hundred IT projects aimed both at research and development aspects of IT.

YSBF will be happy to lead or participate in IT research and development projects.